The ‘World’s Smartest Lightbulb’ Illuminates In 16 Million Colors

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Electronics giant Philips has introduced “the smartest lightbulb in the world” that can illuminate your home in 16 million different colors.

Named ‘Hue’, this LED lightbulb is web-enabled and controllable via an iPhone or iPad app.

Capable of producing almost every color in the spectrum of light, Hue offers 90 shades of white for its more discerning and sophisticated users.

Users can program this high-tech bulb to perform various tasks, including turning on or off at specific times of the day for certain durations.

With Hue, one no longer has to worry about leaving the light on when leaving the house—as it being WiFi-enabled, you can control and program the bulb from anywhere in the world.

For the first four months after its launch, the highly energy-efficient Hue will be available exclusively at Apple Stores—starter kits retail for US$199 while additional lightbulbs will cost you US$59 each.

via DesignTaxi

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