3 Reasons Why Brand Photography is Worth the Money

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This article will help you:

Understand the long-term benefits of custom brand photography and how it supports your brand’s recognition

In today’s visually crowded market, it’s necessary to consider how your business shows up.

Whether it’s used on your social media channels, website, or printed collateral, a cohesive suite of brand photography pays for itself many times over by supporting and amplifying your brand perception.

But what makes photography effective?

It starts with an investment in a skilled photographer. The keyword here being investment. Yes, a custom photo shoot can be pricey, but the long-term value pays off.

The most basic value of brand photography lies in the way people digest information. We know the most common method is through the written word, but visibly showcasing your message gives you a better chance of being remembered and understood.

Let’s dig into three key reasons why, no matter how big or small your business is, you need custom brand photography.

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  1. Brand photography supports brand perception.

    I’m sure you’ve seen company websites where the only photos are of an over-dressed business team that’s way too happy and look like they’re all models. Meanwhile, the company manufactures auto parts. You’d expect to see a confident person – wearing something more business casual, perhaps – pictured beside shelves of quality auto parts. Right?

    Their photography content and style don’t visually correspond to their product, so the presentation feels phony. This misfit inevitably conveys that their brand is disorganized. So we the customer – consciously or subconsciously – assume their service will be messy and second-rate as well.

    It’s therefore critical to make sure any visuals used on your marketing channels represent not only your services but your values.

    Custom brand photography will not only provide you with professional (non-cheesy, non-stock) photos but also capture what you offer in a genuine, authentic way.

  2. Your business story goes further with brand photography.

    Competition to stand out is fierce these days.

    And more often than not, businesses in similar service lanes are using the same stock photos. This is where it becomes necessary to invest in additional assets, like custom brand photography, to ensure your business story is uniquely understood and remembered.

    When you hire a trained photographer, they evaluate your goals and services and translate them into photos that convey what your business is truly about.

    These highly valuable assets tell your story in a way that shows rather than tells.

  3. Custom brand photography serves many uses.

    As I mentioned earlier, a custom brand photography shoot is an investment. But that investment goes a long way.

    When you organize a single photo shoot, there are creative ways to make it look like multiple shoots in one. Here are some ideas to consider:

    • Simple outfit changes that show different seasons or personal characteristics.
    • Including fun personality shots that show teams working together, holding a physical product, or meeting with a client.
    • Capturing the working environment, such as the office building, team offices, or close-ups of hands working on an assembly line.

    The photo assets that come out of a professional shoot can be used for years, so you’ll get tremendous value from your investment. You can use these custom photos in many places like:

    • Throughout your website or special landing pages.
    • On your social media channels for unique posts.
    • In email campaigns.
    • In presentational pieces like business proposals, annual reports, pitch decks, and more!

Photographer holding camera

To sum it up

As you define the details of your business and customer demographic, be sure to think about how your brand shows up to them. It helps to partner with a good design strategist who will see external problems that you can’t see from inside the business.

Custom brand photography is one key aspect of your brand identity that will ensure your clients remember who you are, what you sell, and what you stand for.

P.S. Want to know who my go-to photographers are? See my resources list.

Key takeaways

  • Brand photography helps support the perception of your brand.
  • Your business story will be more powerfully conveyed and remembered because personalized photography breathes life into your brand.
  • You can maximize your investment with custom brand photography.

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