Laura Sorensen: graphic design for logos, websites, print and digital marketing in Cranston, RIWhen I was a little girl, my mom would make wedding cakes. (Bear with me here.) I remember watching her as she carefully measured out the right ingredients and frosted each cake very carefully, making sure to get the portioning on the ingredients just right. Every cake, though, when it was done, was different and decorated in its own special way.

One day recently when I was reminiscing, it suddenly hit me: that’s actually what I do now. I make logo ‘cakes’ – I make website ‘cakes’! It’s important to get the ‘science’ of the ingredients just right, but it’s just as important to make each one special, beautiful, and like no other. So I take my understanding of the basic essentials that need to be present in any design (be it a logo, a brochure, or a website), but then I blend them together and apply them in a way that’s specifically right for you. No templates. Just a completely customized design that accurately reflects your business.

Each ‘cake’ is different in its own special way, a perfect blending of science and art.

The pay-off for you? You get to share who you are with the people that matter, without saying a word. Want to pinpoint everything that’s special, different and (frankly) awesome about your business? Find out more about working with me.

Even more about me: When I’m not designing, I love going on driving adventures to cozy, quaint towns around New England. Or you can often find me curled up with a book and a tasty mocha at one of my favorite Rhode Island cafés.

Want my take on the most effective business tools? See my favorite resources.
  • "She gets our style, and our energy for our craft. She listens and communicates effectively. And she understands how important the smallest details are.”

    Ellen Slattery Gracie's Providence
  • “I now have a website that people compliment me on. On the style, feel, usability, and design of site itself, not just the products and the content.”

    Phil Ayoub BowTies Greeting Cards
  • "I have gotten a HUGE positive response from all my clients. I'll never work with another designer - she's 110% worth the price."

    Tara Siani Wish Salon
  • “The branding work she'll create for you will transform your brand into something larger than life!”

    Dr. Antonio Cruz, MD SkinPros Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment

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I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ 

My awesome executive assistant Katie makes everything better: production work, responding to client needs, researching new tools, helpful reminders about stuff I forgot, and much more. 

She’s my wing-lady at client meetings, and being an awesome sounding board. 

Go-go-gadget Katie! 🦄
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