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Six signs that your logo needs a refresh

A striking, professionally designed logo should stand the test of time.And certainly, you wouldn't want to frequently or prematurely change up a logo that's working, because it could confuse [...]

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3 Surprising Places You Need Good Visual Design

Design is everywhere – and chances are if you’re not noticing it, it’s because it’s done really well. Good design – in all forms and fields – slips seamlessly into creating a great experience for [...]

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Logos I Love

I'd like to show you three sparkling, captivating logos that absolutely set the bar for me. These logos are attractive and intriguing, drawing me in. They encapsulate the brand, speaking to both [...]

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How to Choose the Perfect Font for your Brand

When you’re developing cohesive, top-notch brand visuals, you want to make sure everything - down to the font - is exactly right for your business and brand. Now, most people don’t lie awake at [...]