How Can an Email Marketing Template Boost Your Bottom Line?

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Gorgeous, thoughtful design isn’t just for the obvious places. 

Of course, you want your website to be impeccable, and your business cards to match. But your brand is reinforced by using consistent, clear design everywhere your clients find you

Let’s talk about email marketing. Specifically, why and how to leverage a consistent email template to reinforce your brand with every single campaign. 

How can an email template boost my bottom line?

  1. Save time.

    An email template makes it easy to drop new content in and confidently hit send, knowing it’s gorgeous, without having to start from scratch every time.

    The emails we send come together more quickly, and you may find that you’re able to send them more regularly, building a consistent expectation from your audience. 

  2. Prevent TMI.

    Nobody wants to read long emails – yet two strong forces pull us to send them.

    First, we love to talk about our businesses, and often think all of our news is important. Second, it’s much easier to ‘write long’. It’s more of a challenge to edit our words down to truly important ideas. 

    An email template limits you in a good way – by providing a structure and basic word count that encourages you to intentionally curate your content from the start.

    It nudges you to speak the heart of what’s valuable and useful for your audience. And it forces you to ask yourself whether a piece of content aligns with your strategy. 

  3. Build trust.

    I’ll always shout from the rooftops: Consistency. Builds. Trust.

    When your clients and customers get the same visual sense of your business everywhere – website, marketing collateral, store signage – they know you care enough to attend to every detail of their problem.

    And every positive experience they’ve had with your brand will come to mind instantly and subconsciously when they encounter your brand again. 

  4. Increase conversions.

    An email that has the same layout every time saves your readers the effort of determining whether it’s worth reading.

    If you produce consistently designed, valuable email campaigns – aligned with a targeted, reachable strategy that fosters an emotional connection with your audience – you’ll get more conversions.

    Readers will come to expect high-quality content and more people will open, read, and click. 

Flowers coming out of an envelope

Investing in a well-designed, on-brand email template will save you time, increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, and help make every one of your marketing efforts work together to make your brand stand out

I craft beautifully simple, easy-to-update email templates for my client’s platform of choice to make email marketing a breeze. It’s generally a smooth add-on for clients who have used me for other elements of their visual design. 

I love tackling everything under the umbrella of visual design for clients who want their brand to be alluring and effective.

Think we may be a good fit?
Tell me what kind of design help you need.

[Hungry for more guidance on email templates? Next month I’ll be outlining five best practices.] 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Your brand is reinforced by using consistent, clear design everywhere your clients and customers find you.
  • Email marketing templates help you save time, narrow your focus, and build trust – with an end result of increasing conversions.
  • Investing in a visual designer to create several templates you can use will help whip your email campaigns into shape so you can focus on other things.
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