Clarify your message so your best prospects understand your value. The Core Identity Workbook makes this process easy! You get compelling homepage content you can re-use in your own marketing. Here’s how:

“Your phrasing is so much more down to earth. I love it!”

– Rodney Coe, ClearView Retina Consultants

“For so long, I’ve needed to say these things about the work I’m here to do. But I’ve never been ready to fight for it until now.”

– Kate Rose, Kate Rose, Inc.

NOTE: This workbook won’t replace your need for a copywriter. It’s meant to give you a major jumpstart on your homepage content and your social media posts. A great copywriter will save you time and make you sound like a rockstar on every page of your website.

Your Core Identity content is used best when it’s implemented into a custom-designed website. If we’re working on a web design together, be sure to select the workbook option in your proposal!