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FYI, I'm usually booked at least a month out for web design and a couple weeks out for branding projects. I'll be available for new project work .

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Her brand design "helps prospects start trusting my team with their marketing."

Although Julia Scott and the team at J.Scott Marketing are superb marketers, she knew her brand needed to stand out from the competition and make perfect sense to the right people.

Laura worked with her to craft a brand vision that matches Julia’s personality & approach, is infinitely flexible, and continues to bring the best clients through her door.

In the 7+ years that Laura has supported the team:

▶ They’ve grown their team from one to four
▶ Julia speaks at conferences multiple times a year
▶ They’ve increased their pricing by over 200%

She says:

“I love that her brand identity work is consistent, lights up my marketing, and that she’s easy to work with.

I know that when contacts land on our website, they are impressed with the succinct and compelling messaging and visuals. The site gives them the info they need to start entrusting my team with their marketing. Thank you, Laura!”

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"We're promoting our brand on a national level."

So says Mark Miller, Executive Director of Product Development & Marketing at ElderLawNet, a company I support every month with design strategy for marketing campaigns, national events, and member materials.

There's serious longevity here: I've been their #designpartner FOR 12 YEARS!

During that time, the company has:

▶ Doubled their revenue
▶ Begun hosting annual convenings with 100's of attendees
▶ Launched 4+ new service lines
▶ Been purchased by LEAP, a global legal software company

And I've gotten some amazing feedback:

“She adeptly keys into our messaging with high-quality design strategy that helps us tell our story and meet our sales pipeline goals.

She not only delivers exceptional design assets and strategy, but delivers quickly & efficiently for a very reasonable price.”

Thanks, Mark! 🤩

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Do you think an artist and a designer are basically the same thing? 

If so, you're wrong, and here's why:

You pay an artist for her vision of the world because you love something about it. You pay a designer to clarify your vision of the world so other people will love it. 

So do you need someone to clarify and illustrate your vision so you can make perfect sense to the right people? If you're trying to decide between working with a large agency or hiring a Creative Director, I'll save you money, time, and resources as your Strategic Design Partner. 

Find out how at ➜

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“It was OK, but looked like everyone else’s.”

Joe Rando, founder & CEO of LifeStarr, had a grim realization about his first attempt at company branding. Even though he and his team were creating something special at LifeStarr, the logo, marketing, and website weren’t telling the full story.

After working with Joe and his team to design the logo, the visual brand system, and the website, I continue to support them with digital assets and design strategy for their campaigns. 

And I've gotten some amazing feedback.

“She has original ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

She has an eye for detail and a deep respect for the impact great design can have on a subliminal reaction to anything. Our new website is amazing.”

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A zoom of what I'm working on now: a pattern I'm creating for a web design for my client ClearView Retina. I LOVE PATTERNS - they're little machines that can live and grow forever. 

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