Your brand deserves clarity, loyalty, and magnetism. I can help.

It should tell a powerful visual story with strong optics and a persuasive storyline. Can I send you some quick basics (and a quiz!) to help you decide if I’m the designer for you?

FYI, I'm usually booked at least a month out for web design and a couple weeks out for branding projects. I'll be available for new project work .

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I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ 

My awesome executive assistant Katie makes everything better: production work, responding to client needs, researching new tools, helpful reminders about stuff I forgot, and much more. 

She’s my wing-lady at client meetings, and being an awesome sounding board. 

Go-go-gadget Katie! 🦄
Join Daya Ottley (@DayaOttley) and Laura Sorensen Join Daya Ottley (@DayaOttley) and Laura Sorensen (@atelierlks) as they chat about how to own the room with your voice and how to build your visual brand effectively.⁠
This week (July 28), we’ll learn how to:⁠
How to nail your next job interview:⁠
Your vocal delivery in your next interview will communicate so much. Find out how to manage the nerves and exude confidence.⁠
How to choose the best font for your brand:⁠
To stand out from the competition, make sure you choose the right font for your business brand.⁠
Both Daya and Laura offer clear, actionable insights to help you with voice communication and brand development.⁠
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Grab your favorite afternoon beverage and join me Grab your favorite afternoon beverage and join me and my smooth-talking friend @dayaottley on Clubhouse at 12 noon EST today.⁠
We'll be talking about: ⁠
how to clarify your brand so you can make more $$⁠
how to own the room so you increase your influence⁠
We'd love to hear the dulcet tones of YOUR voice. ⁠
All questions welcome!⁠
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I’m based in beautiful Cranston, Rhode Island, where life is good, great coffee is right nearby, and the leaves are gorgeous in autumn. Oh, and Warren, RI, is pretty cool, too.