Think we’d work well together? Awesome! I want to ensure we’re a great fit so that A) your project is wildly successful and B) we both have fun working on it. I’d like to send you some quick basics (and a little quiz!) to help you decide if I’m the designer for you:

FYI, I'm usually booked at least a month out for web design and a couple weeks out for branding projects. I'll be available for new project work .

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Instagram post 2191142397169916272_10357663547 Loving this super tome by @donmilleris. It does a remarkable job of breaking down the critical elements of how your business can make powerful connections with customers that lead to wildly successful conversions. 
Oh, and if you work with coach @nikkigroom, she definitely knows which books to gift you. (Link to post in profile)
Instagram post 2116125656178508511_10357663547 Loving this quote from yesterday’s page in my @fiveminutejournal (a lovely gift from my super biz coach @nikkigroom).
#wordstoliveby #loveoneanother #loveyourneighborasyourself
Instagram post 2100471404374532914_10357663547 Did you know I post a monthly blog on my website? In every post, I share super helpful strategy and design tips for business owners. A fresh post is up on my site today - have a look-see! If you’d like to join my email list so you can handily receive these posts in your inbox when they come out, drop your email to me below. Happy reading 🙂
Instagram post 2094552817503916919_10357663547 PVD is such a beloved city, and people want to live here! This new logo is for a beautiful set of living spaces being architected in an up-and-coming area of the city. Does it make you think of intersecting city streets with overtones of community growth? Good, because it's supposed to. 🙂 ➡️ Check out my last post for a sneak peak of what this space looks like in real life 🏗

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I’m based in beautiful Cranston, Rhode Island, where life is good, great coffee is right nearby, and the leaves are gorgeous in autumn. Oh, and Warren, RI, is pretty cool, too.

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