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FYI, I'm usually booked at least a month out for web design and a couple weeks out for branding projects. I'll be available for new project work .

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I’m headed to the wilds of Mississippi this week I’m headed to the wilds of Mississippi this week!
I’ll be teaching on brand identity at NASA Stennis Space Center! 🤩

Working together with leaders from Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritania, and the Philippines, I’ll be giving a workshop on how these folks can powerfully communicate their cutting-edge ideas to the top decision-makers in their country thru 5 key elements in their pitch deck.

I’m beyond excited to see this place, meet this wonderful group of leaders, and play a small part in helping them make a deep impact on the future of their own country!

The Strategic Leaders International Course offers rising leaders from partner nations:
(1) a systemic view of a complex world
(2) an appreciation for the value of diversity, and
(3) a mindset and a set of tools for valuing and fostering cooperation

Wish me luck!! 🤞🏼

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Does the Marketing or Sales Director in you: Want Does the Marketing or Sales Director in you:

Want to retire early?
Strive to over-deliver to your clients?
Know people are more important than money?
Seek to give back to the community?
Know you get what you pay for?

Then I want to support you (or someone just like you).

I’m looking for Directors and Managers that feel like their brand is a trainwreck, who are  overwhelmed at the thought of getting their brand under control so it can be marketed beautifully.

I want to help you (cheesy metaphor comin’ at ya) paint the house of your business, landscape it, then be your landscaper for life (or as long as you’re in business).

Sound like just what you need to retire early with your sanity still intact?

DM me for more info.

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