Think we’d work well together? Awesome! I want to ensure we’re a great fit so that A) your project is wildly successful and B) we both have fun working on it. I’d like to send you some quick basics (and a little quiz!) to help you decide if I’m the designer for you:

FYI, I'm usually booked at least a month out for web design and a couple weeks out for branding projects. I'll be available for new project work .

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Instagram post 2323460084159392418_10357663547 Each black life matters to me. I heart all colors. #blackouttuesday #everyonematters #everyoneisbeautiful #loveoneanother #jesusistheanswer #loveistheanswer
Instagram post 2319487853758617005_10357663547 Want to know how to convey information effectively and powerfully? Check. Make it easier for customers to absorb your information? Yup! Guide customers on a logical journey and inspire them to take action? Definitely. I bet your sales page / presentation / email template / advertisement / brochure could use a little ‘Laura love’. A no-strings-attached kinda love. So get ready to: Book your own Art Director Power Hour with yours truly! Stay tuned for more details, my friends. I’m still building the sundae, but couldn’t resist sharing a dose of sprinkles with you. Dying to know more? Let me know in the comments.
Instagram post 2318316084825807222_10357663547 First outdoor work session in a loooooong time! I heart this little state.
Instagram post 2308521012970224857_10357663547 The best way to retain your value as a business at this time is to give customers valuable advice. Or simply make them laugh every week! Staying on their radar keeps you on their minds. And that’s gold.⁠ ⁠ For example:⁠ ⁠ - My hairdresser @tarasianihair delivers at-home haircare tips and style. She’s also highlighted some of her favorite clients (like me!).⁠ - My marketing & PR partner @JScottMarketing has provided useful advice on applying for SBA loans, and re-shared insightful, even humorous posts about being a business owner at this time.
Instagram post 2295090168142319082_10357663547 Your logo construction should be highly intentional. It should powerfully convey - on an abstract level - how you better the lives of your clients, your community, and the world around us. That usually can’t be developed in just a couple hours playing with shapes and fonts. And I want you to stand out, so I won’t use the most obvious color or the most obvious symbol. Bottom line: Your way of effecting change is special and different. It can (and should) take time and care to capture that.
Instagram post 2288698303683788888_10357663547 I know I’m super-late to the party on how to look like a rockstar on Zoom, but here goes:⁠ ⁠ 1. DON’T use the ‘virtual background’ option, unless you’re trying to hide your recently unpacked cocaine shipment. A client asked me to create a branded background for her, and it ended up looking like a bad green screen cut from a B movie.⁠ ⁠ 2. POSITION your laptop/tablet/desktop so you are ever-so-slightly looking up at the camera. We really do look so much better when we’re not showing off our double-chins. My laptop trick: position a mini plastic step stool on top of my coffee table, then place my laptop on that. A stack of really thick books can also work in a pinch.⁠ ⁠ 3. LIGHTING is king, friends. You want light shining directly at you so you don’t give off any weird Nosferatu side-shadow vibes. Filtered light is best. The WORST lighting is window light coming from behind you. I don’t have ideal lighting, so I got a mountable Lume Cube AIR - I swear by the thing.⁠ ⁠ 4. BACKGROUND: So obviously, your cocaine shipment should be stored in the closet. Along with anything else that makes you look a bit un-professional. This is a grey area, tho. Just don’t be caught with your pants down (virtually or literally) - start rearranging stuff and remedying the lighting at least 15 minutes before your meeting starts. You can do a dry run by clicking the orange 'new meeting' icon. ⁠🤩
Instagram post 2283685957873312895_10357663547 Have you invested in new design and come away with a logo you absolutely love?⁠ ⁠ A beautifully consistent logo presentation cuts through the noise and becomes a shining beacon for your customers everywhere they see it.⁠ ⁠ Your logo will need to work across various platforms - digital, print, swag, etc. in order to be most effective.⁠ ⁠ Does your logo design need a facelift to better reach your audience? I’d be happy to help!
Instagram post 2245509263396918608_10357663547 7 things your website needs to convert casual users to paying customers.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ *7 -What’s the latest.*⁠ ⁠ If your website is going to be static, meaning you’re not going to add new content regularly, you need a blog for SEO reasons. Google and other search engines like to see fresh content added once a week. If that seems unreasonable, post once a month at the minimum, 600-900 words preferably. ⁠ ⁠ Long term, you’ll see more traffic with regular blog posts. If this seems daunting (and I know, I’ve been there!), consider hiring a marketing strategist or a copywriter to help write and shape new content for you.

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I’m based in beautiful Cranston, Rhode Island, where life is good, great coffee is right nearby, and the leaves are gorgeous in autumn. Oh, and Warren, RI, is pretty cool, too.

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