The Guardian’s 2-Faced Print Ads

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The Guardian’s 2-Faced Print Ads

UK-based newspaper The Guardian is launching its US edition and has created new print ads for the occasion.

Conceived by advertising agency, BBH New York, and illustrated by Israeli graphic designer Noma Bar, the campaign—‘Voice Your View’—focuses on issues in the USA.

Featuring three out-of-home ads with ambigram-like illustrations that can be interpreted in two ways, each one features clever illustrations and copy that depict dual viewpoints on important issues like women in the military, internet privacy and gun control.

The campaign also allows for social media interactivity—its microsite encourages readers to take a stand by taking a picture of the side they support and uploading it to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #voiceyourview.

View the campaign posters below:

The Guardian’s 2-Faced Print Ads

The Guardian’s 2-Faced Print Ads

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