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The Wayinator and I FLEW IN AN OPEN-AIR PLANE over The Wayinator and I FLEW IN AN OPEN-AIR PLANE over Tamarindo this morning!!!

Mark, Priscilla, and Gary at @[110932498194462:SeaBreeze Aviation] showed us the time of our lives!! They flew both Wayne and me in our own autogyro, an open air plane that has an overhead propeller and a back propeller. My heart was in my mouth a couple times, but after a few minutes, I was able to be fully amazed and overjoyed at how beautiful creation truly is. My face hurt for an hour afterward from so much smiling and laughing!

If you visit Tamarindo, you MUST get an autogyro ride from the Seabreeze folks!!
I was delighted to speak with my friend Susan a fe I was delighted to speak with my friend Susan a few weeks ago for her podcast, “Rise Above Noise.”
Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Your Visual Marketing Strategy should focus on two things:
1: How do you want to come across? What lights you up?
2: Do you understand the challenges your audience faces?

When you are in alignment with these two areas, you can show up more clearly for those you can serve.

Check out my bio for the link to the podcast episode on YouTube.


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You may think you’re an introvert. But what is You may think you’re an introvert.

But what is that really?

Are you afraid of speaking to people, or is there something more? Find out this Wednesday as we talk about public speaking as an introvert.

Join @dayaottley and I as we chat about using your voice as your brand and building your business brand in a way that’s both powerful and effective.

TODAY from 3-4pm only (this is live and not recorded) we’ll discuss:

Both Daya and Laura offer clear, actionable insights to help you with voice communication and brand development.

RSVP + Download the Clubhouse app via the link in my bio!
I help you organize your visual brand so you can s I help you organize your visual brand so you can strengthen your marketing effort, obliterate confusion, terrify the competition, and get growing.⁠
Are you an owner, Operations Officer, or Marketing Team Leader?⁠
Is design the one thing you constantly struggle to get right?⁠
Do you feel like:⁠
1. Your visuals and messaging are "all over the place".⁠
2. Clients don't understand what you have to offer.⁠
3. You look the same as your competition.⁠
You'd love to add that “power partner” to your team: a creative director, a back-pocket visual strategist.⁠
That could be me.⁠
There's no frustration. No hassle. Just a comfortable, ongoing relationship with a trusted design expert who will be there to build amazing results with you.⁠
See the link in my bio to begin a high-touch design partnership with me.
I work with driven solopreneurs and marketing team I work with driven solopreneurs and marketing teams that need visual cohesion to A) stay ahead of the curve and B) outlast the competition.

I create high-touch design partnerships that will electrify your marketing and make you stand out on every touchpoint.

Future-proof your brand.
To find out more, see the link in my bio.

P.S. Shout out to Katie @bywaterwarren and Keri @dishri for being two of my all-time favorite clients and helping a girl out on a photo shoot.

Bywater has the best eats! 🍽
And DISH has the best fashion. 👗
Here are five of the most valuable tools I use to Here are five of the most valuable tools I use to manage my brand, streamline my processes, and leave a positive impression on the people I serve:⁠
1. Digital tools can help you teach your clients new processes or platforms.⁠ is an excellent screen recording tool that will offer your customers clarity and confidence.⁠
2. Stop managing your social media platforms manually.⁠
With social media scheduling such as, you can batch and schedule your content so you no longer have to worry about what will be posted next.⁠
3. Collaborating with clients on design work doesn’t have to be so hard!⁠
Tools like allow you to set the design structure, so your clients can fine-tune the details with ease.⁠
4. Automated messages can still feel human.⁠ is a great way to set up responses that feel genuine and move the needle forward.⁠
5. Video is highly impactful. Not only do many people articulate their questions more effectively via video; video also creates a sense of deeper human connection and does this beautifully.⁠
To read more about how I use these tools and how they make a difference for my client, 
I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ I call her my Right-Hand Biz Lady. 🦸‍♀️ 

My awesome executive assistant Katie makes everything better: production work, responding to client needs, researching new tools, helpful reminders about stuff I forgot, and much more. 

She’s my wing-lady at client meetings, and being an awesome sounding board. 

Go-go-gadget Katie! 🦄