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It always amazes me how colour can instantly make things clear. From a product on a grocery store shelf to a famous work of art, colour has a dominant role in translating the visuals the bombard us daily from “huh?” to “oh, I recognize that!” Such an ability is apparent in this clever “Lego Masters” advertising campaign created by designer Marco Sodano (along with agency Geometry Global and creative director Kenny Blumenschein). Using the ubiquitous Lego blocks like pixels, iconic works of art are recognizable simply through their iconic colours and compositions. The dreamy sea-hues of van Gogh or deep warm browns of Mona Lisa — this campaign is a brilliant showcase of powerful palettes…

art above: “self portrait” by vincent van gogh, “mona lisa” by leonardo da vinci, “american gothic” by grant wood and “the son of man” by rene magritte

images via marco sodano

post via Plenty of Colour

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