why you need me, AKA a

Fractional Creative Director

on your team

the short answer is, I'm:

the short answer:


Shorter turnaround time for digital assets


Half the cost of a full-time creative director


You generate the ideas.

I do the heavy design lifting.

Laura as Creative Director: brand strategy and visual assets that make your marketing more exciting and effective

10 reasons you'll love me more

than an agency or full-time creative director


You pay only for the services you need, not for overhead costs associated with running an agency or keeping an employee.


I'm flexible. I'll adapt to your specific needs, whereas an agency may have a more rigid approach to the creative process.

One-on-one attention

My end goal is a deep working relationship with you and your team. Effective design comes from a more hands-on approach.

Specialized expertise

I'm not just a designer sporting a marketing hat. I'm a right- and left-brained thinker, so I can advise from multiple perspectives.


My role can be scaled up or down. But an agency may have a fixed team size, and an employee requires HR and management.

Faster decision making

I'm a one-person operation. This means you benefit from faster decision making AND execution. Once I know your brand, we'll fly.


I'm more responsive to your needs, because I'm not bogged down by the bureaucracy of an agency or any internal politics.

Cultural fit

I'll be a better fit for your company's culture. I'll work closely with you to understand your company's values and goals.

Aligned goals

Because our goals will be aligned, we'll work well together on a long-term basis. This always leads to a higher impact and better results.

Cost transparency

My costs are more transparent, which can make it easier to budget and plan for your creative needs.

10 ways a fractional creative director is

Better than an agency

The case studies to prove it:

J.Scott Marketing Case Study

Marketing Company

“When Contacts Land on Our Website, They’re Impressed.”

Elder Law Answers Case Study

Saas Legal Company

“Helped us tell our story and meet our sales pipeline goals.”

Peak Pediatrics Case Study

Pediatric Office

“Our Logo Gets Noticed All Around Town.”

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition Case Study

Educational Non-Profit

“Sharpened Our Communication Across All Platforms.”

LifeStarr Case Study

Solopreneur Web app

“Our New Website Reflects the Excitement of What We’re Doing.”

Laura as Creative Director: brand strategy and visual assets that brilliantly serve your marketing and team

so who's this laura person?

I believe good branding and design is like the art & science of baking a cake.

Design and branding program for a one-person business

My Mission

Through our design partnership, I'll deliver brand strategy and visual assets that make your marketing more exciting and effective. I'll anticipate your brand needs, care for your brand as much as you do, and use my genius to make you stand out from competitors.