Case Study: J.Scott Marketing

“When Contacts Land on Our Website, They’re Impressed.”

The Challenge

J.Scott Marketing helps companies that need digital marketing experts they can rely on.

For significantly less than the cost of an in-house marketing department, their partnership allows companies to focus on core operations, increase profits, and let their brand shine.

Julia Scott, the agency founder, was in search of a designer to help up-level her brand and her website. She wanted a succinct and compelling message along with a visual strategy to support it.

The Solution

While designing the logo, website, proposals, video graphics, presentations, and other marketing collateral, Laura has worked closely with Julia and her team to ensure the messaging and vision is exactly what she wants.

Although Julia and her team are superb marketers, she knew the brand needed to stand out from the competition and make perfect sense to the right people. Laura worked with her to craft a brand vision that matches Julia’s personality & approach, is infinitely flexible, and continues to bring the best clients through her door.

Laura now serves as a Strategic Design Partner for the agency, continually crafting designs that showcase the brand and working with the team to harmonize elements of the J.Scott brand messaging.

The Results

The designs Laura creates incorporate the perfect blend of visuals and the clear, captivating messaging Julia is always looking for.

Julia regularly receives compliments about her branding visuals and knows she stands out from other marketing agencies. She’s so pleased that visitors relate easily to the message, want to engage her team, and are excited to work with her.

In the 7+ years that Laura has supported J.Scott Marketing:

  • They’ve grown their team from one to four
  • The CEO speaks at conferences multiple times a year
  • They’ve increased their pricing by over 200%

Julia Scott headshot Julia Scott, Founder

“I love that her brand identity work is consistent, lights up my marketing, and that she’s easy to work with.

Today alone on two networking calls, I got such nice compliments on my website.

I know that when contacts land on our website, they are impressed with the succinct and compelling messaging and visuals. The site gives them the info they need to start entrusting my team with their marketing. Thank you, Laura!”

How to Streamline Your Branding

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