Come see me get beat up …sort of.

Come see me get beat up …sort of.

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  • Laura Sorensen as Magda in 'Neighborhood Watch' at 2nd Story Theatre
  • Laura Sorensen as Magda in 'Neighborhood Watch' at 2nd Story Theatre
  • The cast of 'Neighborhood Watch' at 2nd Story Theatre

Sadistic or not, you’re invited to see me, Laura Sorensen, onstage in ‘Neighborhood Watch’ at 2nd Story Theatre in Warren, RI. For those of you who know him, the handsome Wayninator makes an appearance, too. This time it’s a black comedy (straight comedy’s mysterious, sexy cousin) detailing the hysterical but sobering setup of a neighborhood watch scheme gone horribly wrong. If you find it funny, laugh out loud – no need to check with your neighbors.

The show runs from November 13 – December 6. THU-SAT @ 7:30pm / SUN @ 2:30pm. Don’t wait until the day of to buy tickets! And don’t keep me in suspense – please let me know if you plan to come. 🙂

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